EinScan Pro 2X Handheld 3D Scanner

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The EinScan Pro 2X Handheld 3D Scanner is portable and versatile, delivering high-precision results, ideal for high-quality 3D modeling. It is ideal for scanning small to medium size objects. Scan faster and more accurately with the lightweight and compact EinScan Pro 2X.

Optional: Full-color camera add-on

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The EinScan Pro 2X handheld 3D scanner is portable for efficienct, high-quality 3D modelling.
This scanner provides a smooth, plug-and-play experience.
It has versatile scan modes (handheld rapid scan, handheld HD scan, fixed scan) and align modes (feature alignment, markers alignment, turntable code targets alignment, manual alignment).
The modular design meets a wider range of applications.

All handheld 3D Scanners from SHINING 3D come with the comprehensive EXScan software which automatically aligns scans, post-process the data with intuitive tools, and more.
3D captures can be exported to other 3D software, such as Fusion 360, Meshmixer, ZBrush, and other popular suites.

Incredible scan speed:
20 fps 100,000 points/s
30 fps 1,500,000 points/s
Single Scan: less than 1 sec
Fixed Scan Accuracy: 0.04 mm
Handheld Scan Volumetric Accuracy: 0.1 mm + 0.3 mm/m
Point distance:
20 fps (0.2 mm-2 mm)
30 fps (0.2 mm-2 mm)
Single scan (0.16 mm)
Single scan range: 135 x 100 mm – 225 x 170 mm.
Working Distance: 400 mm

Read more about the accuracy of the EinScan Pro Series Multi-functional 3D Scanner

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