Your Supplier of 3D Printer Filaments in South Africa

Are you looking for a supplier of 3D printer filament in South Africa? 3D Unique is your one-stop online store! We offer a wide selection of filaments and resins to ensure that you can manufacture your 3D models with the ideal material that not only suits your extruder head, but also your application. Various industries rely on 3D printing, which is why we offer such a vast selection to match the requirements of every individual application.

Creailty ABS Grey Filament

When you want 3D printer filament that offers sturdiness, flexibility, and can be used for a variety of applications, the Creality ABS grey filament is an ideal choice. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, or ABS for short, is the go-to choice for home 3D printing filaments, and can also be a smart choice for engineering applications. For ideal results, ABS filament requires a heated bed and enclosed printing environment to ensure that the temperatures stay constant and do not fluctuate during the printing phase. ABS offers a higher heat resistance and has a melting point of 105° C – making it the ideal filament for 3D models that is intended for outdoor use.

Creality CR-Silk Rainbow Filament

The Creailty CR-Silk rainbow filament delivers a creative and versatile solution when browsing our range of 3D printer filament. This PLA-based filament offers superior warp resistance, rigidity, and overall toughness to deliver quality layer adhesion and low shrinkage. With this specific type of filament, you can enjoy a smooth printing experience with reduced extruder clogs and 3D models that have a delicate look and strong impact strength. This filament is specifically designed to produce bright and delicate models with soft and elegant finishes, without compromising on the strength and rigidity of the models.

The Right Filament for the Job

There are various types of 3D printer filament to choose from – each with their own unique qualities for specific applications. Whether you prefer ABS or PLA filaments, the ideal choice will always depend on the type of application that you want your 3D models to serve. We live in a world where artists and hobbyists can take advantage of 3D printing to bring their creations to life, which also applies to architects and engineers. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the perfect filament for your desired application.

When you need a supplier of 3D printer filament in South Africa, trust that 3D Unique is your first choice! Our online store features everything that you need to get started and explore different types of filaments to find the exact fit for your needs. Feel free to browse our website for details and place your order with us today!

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