Your Solution to 3D Printed Dentures in South Africa

Do you run a dental practice and are in the market for solutions to 3D printed dentures? 3D Unique is your all-inclusive answer! We can assist with specific dental 3D printers, 3D scanners, and the corresponding software to deliver a complete package for your dental practice. There are many benefits to 3D printed dentures, and today, we will discuss how 3D printing can work to your advantage and ensure that your patients are satisfied with their dentures.

3D Printed Dentures – Saving Time and Money

The 3D printing industry has been a market disruptor since these machines have become available commercially. Hobbyists, engineers, and architects have taken advantage of the fast, affordable, and effortless applications of 3D printing in their respective fields of interest. Now, dentists can get their hands on a complete 3D setup that allows them to scan, design, and manufacture 3D printed dentures for their patients from the comfort of their own dental practice.

How Can 3D Unique Assist My Dental Practice?

3D Unique offers a comprehensive selection of hardware and dental 3D software to ensure that your dental practice has everything that it needs to start reaping the benefits of 3D printed dentures. Starting with 3D scanners, these devices can accurately replicate a person’s mouth to create a digital representation on which you can design dentures that perfectly fit their mouth. The design software is specifically engineered with dentists in mind and can deliver quick and easy solutions to ensure that there is no hold-up. Once the design is complete, you can import the 3D model into the 3D dental printer and let it manufacture the dentures accordingly.

3D Unique also has a dedicated services department to assist our clients with scanning, printing, and reverse engineering solutions. As a result, you can have peace of mind that we can assist your dental practice with the setup and functionality of your 3D devices. 3D printed dentures are more cost-effective for both dentist and patient, fit better, and drastically reduce the need for constant adjustments. Therefore, it is considered a better option than conventional methods that include creating gum moulds and waiting for manufacturing to create the dentures and sending them back to your practice.

If you wish to join the revolution that is 3D printed dentures, 3D Unique is your comprehensive solution in South Africa! Feel free to browse our website for details and prices on our available 3D hardware and software and place your order directly with us today. Enter the world of 3D printing with 3D Unique in your corner!

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