Your Solution to 3D Denture Printing for Your Dental Practice

Technology is constantly evolving – delivering new and more effective methods of communicating, travelling, and daily living. When it comes to the world of dental healthcare, 3D printed dentures are increasingly growing in popularity around the world. If you run a dental practice and want to incorporate 3D denture printing into your services, 3D Unique can give you the necessary 3D printers, scanners, and software to get you going!

Why Should My Dental Practice Consider 3D Dental Printing?

3D printed dentures are more cost-effective and less time-consuming to manufacture. These dentures are also more approachable for a larger audience, as the dentures offer more customisable elements to ensure a better fit for the patient. Some practices prefer to stick to conventional methods that include creating moulds of the gums and sending these moulds to a lab for denture creation. With 3D printed dentures, there is no need for mould creation, which could sometimes be uncomfortable and even painful for patients. By utilising an oral 3D scanner, the dentist can create an accurate digital representation of the gums on which they can build dentures that will not only fit better but look better as well.

As a Dentist, What Would My Practice Need?

The process of 3D printed dentures begins with an oral 3D scanner that will be used by the dentist to create a complete scan of the patient’s gums. This scan is imported into 3D design software, from where the dentist can design an ideal layout for the intended dentures. Once the design is complete, the newly created 3D model is exported to a dental 3D printer, which proceeds to manufacture the 3D printed dentures in direct correspondence to its 3D model. 3D Unique offers everything that a dental practice requires to create 3D printed dentures for their patients.

How Does 3D Printing Work?

3D printing can be described as additive layer manufacturing – where the printer head utilises filament to create a 3D model by adding filament layers on top of each other until the model is complete. This type of manufacturing is used in a plethora of applications in today’s world – ranging from small to medium toy creations to engineering parts. 3D printing is also taken up by hobbyists and artists.

When your dental practice wants to incorporate 3D printed dentures into your range of services for your patients, 3D Unique can be your supplier of hardware and software in South Africa! Feel free to browse our online store for more information and contact us today if you need any assistance. Elevate your dental practice in 2023 with 3D Unique on your side!

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