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3D printing is making its way to various industries around the world because of the fast, affordable, and easy applications when it comes to small- to medium-scale manufacturing and production. If you are looking for an online 3D printer store in South Africa, 3D Unique is your answer! We offer a wholistic range of products that includes printers, scanners, filaments, and software to ensure that you have everything that you need for successful 3D builds.

3D Printers

Our range of 3D printers that we have for sale includes various options for both hobbyists and professionals. We stock 3 brands that consist of Crealiy, FlashForge, and Raise 3D models to choose from. Our selection also includes open and enclosed 3D printer models – with some options offering high-temperature printing capabilities to print with PLA, ABS, and other filament types that have high melting temperatures. Our range also includes dedicated dental 3D printers that feature specific functions that are useful for dentists and orthodontists.

3D Scanners

3D Unique’s online 3D printer store offers a sensible selection of 3D scanners that includes models from Aoralscan, AutoScan, Creality, Einscan, Transcan, and HP. Our models include dental scanners, turntable scanners, and laser scanners to ensure that you can get your hands on the specific model to suit your needs and intended applications.


When it comes to printer consumables, regular printers require paper and ink to properly function. Our 3D printer store sells a wide variety of filament types and colours that act as “ink” for 3D printers. Our range includes Creality ABS filament in a selection of colours. ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) filament offers high toughness levels, is non-toxic, and has excellent wear and corrosion resistance.

Our 3D printer store also sells Creality PLA and PETG filament. PLA filament offers exceptional warp resistance, rigidity, excellent layer adhesion, and low shrinkage. PETG filament combines the benefits of both ABS and PLA filament types, is odourless, eco-friendly, moisture resistant, and not susceptible to cracking or warping. PETG filament also features a glossy finish and ensures that no air bubbles are trapped during the printing phase.

When you need an online 3D printer store in South Africa, 3D Unique is your solution! We offer printers, scanners, and various filament types to choose from. Feel free to browse our online store and place your order with us directly today!

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