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3D Unique is your solution to buy 3D printers, scanners, resin, and filament. We can also assist businesses with various 3D printing services, including 3D scanning, 3D designs, reverse engineering, and 3D dentures! Today, we will look at how our denture 3D printing solutions can work to the benefit of both patient and dentist in a modern world.

What is The Difference Between Conventional Dentures and 3D Dentures?

Because of the nature of 3D printing and scanning, this type of technology can be used to create accurate denture 3D printing solutions for dental professionals today. Several dental practises around the world are already utilising 3D printing to the benefit of their patients and medical professionals. By doing a 3D scan on a patient’s gums and mouth, 3D software can be utilised to create complete dentures and replace missing teeth in a much more accurate and efficient manner than using conventional methods.

By utilising 3D scanning, the result of denture 3D printing solutions reduces the need for constant refits and adjustments to the denture, as the denture is designed on an accurate digital representation of the patient’s gums and mouth. The process of 3D denture printing also saves valuable time and money, as it is cheaper and more effective than conventional methods. With a rapid advancement of this technology in the medical field, 3D printing has already yielded undeniably positive results and solutions for several useful applications – including prosthetics.

The Fit and Durability of 3D Dentures

With an accurate 3D scan of a person’s mouth, 3D dentures are fully customisable to deliver a perfect fit. In other words, denture 3D printing solutions can lead to a fully tailored set of teeth that fits your aesthetic and mouth even better than your original teeth.

When it comes to the durability of traditional dentures, you can expect them to eventually, chip, crack, or fade over time. Denture 3D printing solutions deliver a more durable denture that can last for north of 10 years. Once again, this means that people with 3D-printed dentures do not require regulatory maintenance during the upcoming handful of years. This is the new – and much improved – method of going about dentures, and every dental practise can take advantage of this type of technology to save valuable time and money in the process of creating dentures.

What Can I Expect from 3D Unique?

3D Unique offers a wide range of 3D printers, scanners, resin, and filament to keep you stocked when you own a 3D printer. We can also assist you with 3D design, reverse engineering, and 3D scanning solutions, along with denture 3D printing solutions for dental professionals. You can expect us to deliver any and every solution when it comes to your 3D printing and scanning needs in South Africa.

When you need 3D printing consumables and/or hardware, our website offers a wide selection from leading brands to choose from. For all your other 3D printing and scanning needs, please contact us directly to enquire about how we can assist you. Choose 3D Unique today and experience the benefits and creativity that 3D printing can offer you!

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