Creality Rotary Roller For Laser Engraver

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The rotary roller module can be used for cylindrical objects, such as cans, peds, mugs, cups, bottles, pipes, bowls, guitars, drums and etc. Rotating the engraving axis can increase the original engraving area, The diameter can be adjusted in 7 levels which meets the engraving needs of different angles. All-metal construction, sturdy and stable. The rubber roller with stronger friction to avoid sliding of engraved objects.

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Unlock the full potential of your laser engraving machine with the Creality Rotary Roller. Perfect for engraving cylindrical objects, this rotary roller offers precision and stability for your projects. Whether you’re engraving cans, wine bottles, cups, or curved crafts, this accessory ensures smooth rotation and steady engraving.

Key Features:

  1. Perfect for Engraving Cylindrical Objects: Securely place your cylindrical work on the rotary roller and rotate it smoothly through LightBurn. Ideal for engraving cans, wine bottles, cups, and more.
  2. Adjustable Width for Various Diameter Ranges: With 7 optional gears, this roller accommodates cylindrical objects of different sizes, ensuring precise and consistent engraving.
  3. Engrave Conical Objects More Steadily: The lifting bracket is designed to fix slender parts of conical objects, such as wine bottles and goblets, for steady and accurate engraving.
  4. Work Better with Risers: Enhance your engraving capabilities with risers (not included), which increase the engraving height and accommodate a wider range of engraving needs.


  • Package Size: 187×234×80mm
  • Product Size: 193mm×155mm×50mm
  • Gross Weight: 1.2kg
  • Net Weight: 1.1kg
  • Minimum Engraving Diameter: 5mm
  • Maximum Engraving Diameter: 120mm
  • Maximum Load: 10kg
  • Product Material: Aluminum Alloy Frame

Upgrade your laser engraving machine with the Creality Rotary Roller and elevate your engraving projects to new heights of precision and versatility.

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