Creality K1C AI Camera Hyperspeed 3D Printer

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Champion of Speed & Skills

Robust extruder with enhanced reliability

AI Camera, acts as your eyes for

3 Minutes from unboxing to powering on

Proven to be super-fast, max speed 600mm/s to max acceleration 20000mm/s²

Tri-metal “Unicorn” nozzle, clog-free extruder kit with quick-swap nozzle

All-metal Extruder, suitable for Carbon Fiber 3D Printing

Build platform: 220×220×250mm

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Creality K1C 3D Printer: Champion of Speed and Versatility

Unmatched Speed and Precision

The Creality K1C 3D Printer redefines efficiency with its high-speed capabilities, supporting up to 600mm/s printing speed and 20000mm/s² acceleration. Its lightweight and agile CoreXY system ensures thrilling speed without compromising print quality. This makes it a perfect choice for both hobbyists and professionals seeking fast, reliable prints.

Robust and Reliable Extrusion

Designed for durability, the K1C’s extruder is enhanced with a bolster spring and ball plunger, providing a tight grip on filament for over 1000 hours of clog-free extrusion. The tri-metal “Unicorn” nozzle, made from steel-tipped copper with a titanium alloy heat break, prevents heat creep and allows quick swaps, ensuring seamless printing experiences.

Advanced Cooling System

The K1C’s cooling trio includes:

  1. Hotend Fan: Minimizes heat creep for stable extrusion.
  2. Part Cooling Fan: Provides instant hardening to improve layer bonding and texture.
  3. Auxiliary Fan: Assists overall model cooling to reduce stringing and warping.
Carbon Fiber Compatibility

K1C excels with carbon fiber-filled filaments, offering exceptional mechanical strength and resistance to wear, deformation, and aging. This capability, combined with a 300°C hotend and hardened steel nozzle, makes it ideal for industrial applications.

Smart and User-Friendly Operations

Enjoy hassle-free printing with the K1C’s highly automated features:

  • Out of the Box Ready: Pre-assembled and tested for quick setup.
  • Auto Calibration: One-tap calibration for effortless leveling.
  • AI Camera: Monitors prints, alerts on errors, and supports video monitoring and time-lapse filming through Creality Print or Creality Cloud APP.
Durable and Elegant Design

Constructed with die-cast parts, the K1C features a solid frame with fewer seams for enhanced stability. The enclosed design, with acrylic sides and a glass door, maintains a high-temperature environment while allowing you to observe your prints.

Safe and Quiet Printing

The K1C includes an active carbon filter to purify air during printing, making it safe for continuous operation. Additionally, it offers a silent mode (≤45dB), ensuring a distraction-free environment.

Comprehensive Software Support

The open-source Creality OS, based on Klipper, enables advanced functions like linear advance and input shaping. Creality Print software offers smart cooling, optimal retraction, and efficient print farm management, while Creality Cloud provides an extensive 3D model library and community interaction.

  • Build Volume: 220 x 220 x 250mm
  • Dimensions: 355 x 355 x 482mm
  • Weight: 12.4kg (Net), 16kg (Gross)
  • Printing Speed: ≤600mm/s
  • Acceleration: ≤20000mm/s²
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Nozzle Temperature: ≤300°C
  • Heatbed Temperature: ≤100°C
  • Connectivity: USB drive, WiFi
  • Display Screen: 4.3″ color touch screen
  • Leveling Mode: Auto leveling
  • Power Loss Recovery: Yes
  • Air Purifier: Yes
  • AI Camera: Yes
  • Supported Filaments: ABS, PLA, PETG, PET, TPU, PA, ABS, ASA, PC, PLA-CF, PA-CF, PET-CF
  • Slicing Software: Creality Print, Cura 5.0 and later

Experience unmatched speed and stability with the Creality K1C 3D Printer. Fast printing, advanced extrusion, and robust design redefine 3D printing.

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