Creality LCD Standard Resin White 1LT

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Creality UV Resin 1liter/1000g
Creality 3D printer resin, 405nm LCD DLP UV-Curing standard rigid resin with high precision low viscosity fast curing and excellent fluidity for LCD DLP 3D Printing.
UV Resin printing material is suitable for LCD / DLP 3D printers.

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Quick curing: The 405nm standard rigid resin was designed to shorten the exposure and printing time with excellent fluidity, increasing the printing speed effectively. Great stability: The Creality resin shows great stability after curing, the formed model is not easy to shrink, with high stability and exquisite & smooth surface texture, every detail is delicate, gives you fantastic printing experience. High precision: The Creality resin was designed to reduce volume shrinkage during curing, ensuring the high precision and excellent accuracy of the printer model. Applicable printer models: The Creality resin was designed for LCD DLP 3D Printers (Special for LCD models), low shrinkage rate and higher moulding rate. Secure Packaging & Wide Application: The Aluminium can bottle with anti-leakage bottle cap makes the resin packaging very intact, safe and secure. The rigid resin is suitable for animation resin kit, craft decoration, artistic creation, architectural model, scientific research experiment, education and teaching and etc.



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