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Are you in the market to buy a 3D printer for work-related or personal usage? 3D Unique is your first choice in South Africa! We offer a healthy selection of printers, scanners, and consumables to see to all your 3D printing needs. Our website is your convenient one-stop online shop to order everything from a single supplier. We can also assist with various 3D scanning, design, and reverse-engineering solutions for solid 3D models.

How Does 3D Printing Work?

When you buy a 3D printer, you need accommodating 3D software to feed accurate information to the machine – allowing it to create a 3-dimensional model from a digital representation. This method of printing is also referred to as additive manufacturing, describing the process of creating a 3D model from a CAD model or any other digital 3D model. The printer deposits the material layer by layer to build and manufacture the 3D model – which can be useful for various applications. With 3D printing becoming more accessible, several large companies are turning to a new and more efficient way of manufacturing. With 3D Unique on your side, your business can take advantage of our services and supplies!

Our Selection of 3D Printers

If you want to buy a 3D printer, it is pivotal that you buy a unit that is suitable to your needs and its specific function for your business. Our selection includes models from leading brands such as Creality, FlashForge, and Raise3D to ensure that you can buy the perfect 3D printer to suit your needs. Our website also offers a filament compatibility guide to assist you when buying a new 3D printer. Regular printers require ink, while 3D printers require resin. We offer a sensible selection of resin that includes different colours and brands to accommodate your printer.

Considering the specifications are crucial before you buy a 3D printer. Parameters such as layer thickness, printing dimension, and print accuracy, along with the type of 3D printer, will define which model will best suit your applications. We offer print mill and high-temperature models to choose from – giving you various options to find the ideal model for your 3D printing needs.

How Can I Utilise a 3D Printer for My Business?

Digital 3D modelling software has been utilised in various industries to create prototypes of various models such as diecast toys and models, houses, unique engineering parts, and civil structures. Even the world-famous Hot Wheels utilises 3D printing for some of their newest products. With the ability to manufacture various models directly from 3D design software, businesses around the world can enjoy an affordable and accessible way to bring their 3D creations to life.

When you want to buy 3D printers, scanners, resin, or filaments, 3D Unique is your answer in South Africa! Please browse our website for details and prices on our available products, and feel free to order yours directly from our website today. Take control of the benefits of 3D printing for your business with 3D Unique in your corner!

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