3D Printers for Sale in South Africa

When you are in the market to buy a 3D printer in South Africa, 3D Unique is your answer! We offer leading brands such as Raise3D, Flashforge, and Creality to choose from, as well as a comprehensive selection of 3D scanners, filaments, and resins. We can also assist with 3D scanning, design, and reverse engineering services for businesses. In this article, we discuss our comprehensive selection of 3D printers and what you can expect from these printers when buying one of your own.

The Creality Ender 3 NEO

The Creality Ender 3 NEO is an ideal option for those who want to buy a 3D printer for home usage. The Ender 3 NEO is a reliable and versatile printer that has advanced features, can deliver high-quality prints, and is user friendly to make it the perfect entry-level option for those who want to start their 3D printing journey. The Ender 3 is fitted with a 32-bit silent motherboard to reduce noise while printing – making it ideal for shared spaces and confined rooms. It also features a corrugated heat sink that delivers fast cooling and contributes to the printer’s overall efficiency.

The Flashforge Adventurer 4

If you want to buy a 3D printer that has an enclosed printing area, the Adventurer 4 is an ideal choice. This printer is specifically assigned for personal and educational applications and can also be used in professional settings. It has an enclosed build volume of 200 mm x 200 mm x 250 mm – delivering ample space to bring your 3D creations to life. With innovative features, this printer is suitable to all levels – from hobbyist to professional. It is also fitted with a HEPA13 air filter that keeps the workspace clean and odour-free.

The Raise3D Pro 2 Plus

If you are in the market to buy a 3D printer that is intended for professional usage, the Raise3D Pro 2 Plus is your solution. It features an enclosed build volume of 305 mm x 305 mm x 605 mm and has a dual extruder nozzle to allow for a variety of printing modes. This printer’s extruders can reach temperatures of up to 300 °C to offer diverse filament compatibility. It also has a filament sensor, camera, and HEPA air filter.

3D Unique is your answer to a wide variety of 3D printers, scanners, and filaments in South Africa! Feel free to browse our website when you want to buy a 3D printer for personal or professional applications in 2024 and use our useful filament guide to match various filaments with 3D printers to ensure that you buy the correct printer and filament for your preferences. Take your 3D printing to the next level with 3D Unique in your corner!

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