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Raise3D V3H Nozzle 0.6mm
Raise3D V3H Nozzle 1.0mm
Raise3D Premium Filament – ABS – Grey
Raise3D Premium Filament – ABS – White
Raise3D Pro 3 Build Surface
Raise3D Limited Warranty

The Raise3D Pro3 Plus is a professional dual extruder 3D printer that meets the needs of both production and multi-sized rapid prototyping, with high precision and round-the-clock stable operation. This 3D printer has a large build volume of 300x300x605mm and industrial-grade repeatability makes it well suited for large-scale production. Connect with 3D printing software ecosystem from Rasie3D, that includes a 3D slicing program, ideaMaker, an open-software template called ideaMaker Library, and RaiseCloud printing software.

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The Raise3D Pro3 Plus dual extruder professional 3D printer performs more advanced functions such as producing dual colour models and dual material models. Its additional design features results in a higher quality print job.
The single-side nozzle lifting technology allows the nozzles to lift independently and switch the nozzles quickly, without being affected by 3D printing material or temperature. Interchangeable nozzles to print at different levels of detail.

The high-quality printer design of the Raise3D Pro 3 Plus includes enhanced features and a smart assistant system known as EVE, making it ideal for professional 3D printing. Connect with Raise3D’s 3D printing software ecosystem, that includes a 3D slicing program, ideaMaker, an open-software template called ideaMaker Library, and the RaiseCloud cloud-based 3D printing software.

Enhanced Printing Platform Features
Set up your 3D printer quickly thanks to the auto bed levelling. Effortlessly remove 3D printed parts as the build plate is flexible. The Z-axis rod stiffness delivers a more stable performance.

Interchangeable Hot End and Extruder Cover
The Pro3 Plus is equipped with an independent modular extruder with a dual extrusion system that allows for a variety of filaments to be used, reduces clogging, and allows for the convenient disassembly and replacement of components. Easily remove the hot end without using tools, making it simple to replace and maintain.The front cover of the extruder is easy to remove which means common printing occurrences such as filament jams can be accurately located.

Air Flow Manager for Better Heat Dissipation
The Air Flow Manager on the back of the printer, improves heat dissipation and air circulation, creating a stable environment inside the print chamber. The HEPA air filter cleans the air inside the chamber.

EVE Smart Assistant
TThe built-in EVE assistant system is preloaded with common printing problems and corresponding solutions. This guides users to accurately locate and resolve issues that could affect the final print job. The EVE assistant gives reminders about regular, scheduled printer maintenance to reduce time and communication costs for an efficient maintenance process.

Lightweight Cable with Digital Temperature Measurement
The lightweight cable reduces the weight of the extruder and keeps the centre of gravity in the middle during printing for more stable print quality. The digital temperature measurement provides accurate temperature readings to help prevent jamming.

Auto Bed Levelling
The levelling procedure is automated ensuring that the distance between the print nozzles and the bed is maintained, to create a uniform build area. The bed adhesion is improved and allows the nozzle to adjust to even the most minor surface contour changes.

HD Camera, Eligible for Upgrade
The HD camera connects to RaiseCloud, allowing users to remotely monitor the entire printing process for peace of mind. The CMOS sensor ensures better image quality.

Power Loss Recovery
The filament run-out sensor on the extruders alerts when the filament is about to run out and saves the print job. The power loss function saves the printing status in the event of a power outage. The printer can continue printing from the same point when power is restored.

Automatic Detection Safety Feature
The printer automatically detects when a door is opened and will immediately pause the print.

Compatible With A Variety of 3D Printing Materials (Filaments)
Practical for print jobs requiring multiple filaments in the same print job, giving it extra versatility and saves costs. Accommodate varying structural or functional requirements, for example flexibility, and strength.

Flexible Build Plate
Easily remove printed parts while minimizing potential damage to the final print. The flexible build plate regains its shape and returns to printing quickly.

HEPA Air Filtration
The filter operates silently to remove toxic particles released during the 3D printing process.

7-inch Touch Screen
Provides on-screen assistance and visual model selections to simplify operating and monitoring both the 3D printer and 3D printing process. Compatible with ideaMaker and RaiseCloud.

Full Metal Frame
Creates a specific motion system that allows the machine to smoothly glide as it prints, with precise positioning, to ensure 3D print jobs are as accurate as possible.

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