Raise3D MetalFuse 3D Printer Solution

Experience cost-effective metal printing like never before. This complete system combines an indirect metal 3D printing process with BASF forward AM’s high-end metal filaments. With MetalFuse, enjoy low overhead costs, batch production capabilities, and a leap in efficiency. The specialized slicing software and environmentally friendly features make MetalFuse the perfect choice for tooling, functional parts, prototypes, and small-batch production. Join the metal printing revolution and elevate your manufacturing capabilities with Raise3D MetalFuse.

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Raise3D MetalFuse 3D Printer Solution: Cost-effective Metal Printing Made Possible

Experience the future of metal 3D printing with the Raise3D MetalFuse system. This complete solution revolutionizes the industry by offering an indirect metal 3D printing process coupled with a special edition of ideaMaker, compatible with MIM equipment. With MetalFuse, enjoy the benefits of low overhead costs and the ability to perform batch production, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

The MetalFuse system brings you a new level of efficiency. It employs the innovative Catalytic Debinding process, which significantly reduces processing time by up to 60%. Moreover, it achieves an impressive increase in the part’s density, reaching up to 97% of wrought iron’s density. Say goodbye to lengthy production times and welcome faster, denser, and more efficient metal printing.

One of the key highlights of MetalFuse is its collaboration with BASF Forward AM, utilizing their high-end metal filaments. By leveraging BASF’s Ultrafuse® 316L and Ultrafuse® 17-4 PH metal filaments, MetalFuse ensures superior printing repeatability and a higher yield rate. This means you can rely on consistent and high-quality results for your metal parts.

MetalFuse adopts a time-tested process inspired by BASF’s Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technology. The catalytic debinding furnace (D200-E) and the sintering furnace (S200-C) are employed to post-process the “Green Parts,” delivering reliable and precise results. The specialized slicing software, a special edition of ideaMaker, provides optimized templates for MetalFuse printing, taking into account the sintering and debinding process. This results in a simplified slicing process, streamlining your workflow.

Environmentally friendly and committed to sustainability, MetalFuse incorporates filters that clean exhaust gases, reducing pollution and ensuring a safer working environment. By choosing MetalFuse, you not only benefit from cost-effective metal printing but also contribute to a greener future.

The Raise3D MetalFuse system represents a groundbreaking advancement in metal 3D printing. Developed in close collaboration with BASF Forward AM, it offers a fully integrated in-house printing ecosystem that utilizes BASF’s Ultrafuse® Metal Filaments. With MetalFuse, you can enjoy the simplicity, speed, cost-efficiency, and design freedom of metal 3D printing. From tooling and functional parts to prototypes and small-batch production, MetalFuse is the solution for your metal printing needs.

Experience the future of metal 3D printing with Raise3D MetalFuse. Stay ahead of the competition and unlock new possibilities for your business. Pre-order the MetalFuse system today and be at the forefront of the metal printing revolution.


Advantages of Raise3D MetalFuse vs. other existing FFF metal printing solutions

Raise3D MetalFuse is the first AM metal end-to-end solution using an oxalic acid catalytic debinding method; other AM metal parts production use solvent and thermal debinding. Oxalic acid catalytic debinding is a safe and environmentally friendly process. In addition, according to Raise3D’s internal testing, debinding with a catalytic method allows for a reduction of 60% in the debinding time, and an increase of the part’s density to up to 98% of wrought iron’s density.

Advantages of Raise3D MetalFuse vs. other existing powder-based AM metal printing solutions

Raise3D MetalFuse production is safer as it uses filament as a consumable, which makes its handling totally safe and extremely easy; this differs from the dangerous and difficult material handling of metal powder-based solutions, like the ones currently on the market. Raise3D MetalFuse-produced parts with Ultrafuse® Metal Filaments are in general 1.4 to 2 times cheaper than most metal powders; also, the solution requires less investment in hardware.

Description of Raise3D MetalFuse system

Raise3D MetalFuse system is comprised of the desktop metal 3D printer Forge1, the catalytic debinding furnace D200-E, the sintering furnace S200-C, the slicer ideaMaker Metal, and uses Ultrafuse® Metal Filaments from BASF Forward AM.

Raise3D MetalFuse, a Full in-house Solution.

Raise3D MetalFuse system, together with Ultrafuse® Metal Filaments, enables a simple, faster, safer, more cost-efficient and more environmentally friendly in-house small batch production of high-quality metal parts, with full design freedom.

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