Creality CR-Laser Falcon 10W Engraver

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The Creality CR-Laser Falcon 10W Engraver is a versatile laser engraving machine with a 0.06mm laser diameter and 10W laser power. This engraver offers high-resolution engravings and can cut through up to 12mm thick wood. The durable aluminium frame, precise roller clamps, and spacious working area make it perfect for handling large objects. The Creality CR-Laser Falcon 10W Engraver offers a large working area, precise engraving capabilities, user-friendly controls, and a variety of compatible materials. Its accessories and safety features enhance the overall experience.

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The Creality CR-Laser Falcon 10W Engraver comes with user-friendly controls, compatibility with popular engraving software, and includes safety goggles and removable legs for added convenience.

With a 0.06mm laser diameter, the Laser Falcon achieves high-resolution engravings at 254 DPI. Its 10W laser power enables cutting through 18mm thick wood and engraving a wide range of materials, including leather, cloth, paper, wood, and metals. Transparent materials like glass require pre-treatment with black marker.

Engraving speeds of up to 10,000mm per minute (equivalent to 33 feet in a straight line) ensure efficient workflow. The engraver comes with safety goggles, a Micro SD card for offline engraving, calibration plywood panels, a cleaning cloth, and necessary assembly tools.

The CR-Laser Falcon 10W Engraver features a spacious working area of 400 mm x 415 mm to accommodate larger objects. The engraver provides easy object positioning with scales on the rails and levelling with a green leveller.

This engraver utilizes a stable 3D core, a self-developed drive algorithm, and a silent operation scheme.

The laser module, housed in an aluminium and red plastic enclosure, is adjustable and features a fixed focus. The control circuitry is conveniently located, allowing manual engravings via a single button or more extensive control by connecting the engraver to a computer.

Connect the Laser Falcon to a PC or Mac using a USB cable. The engraver is compatible with popular engraving software such as LightBurn and LaserGRBL, supporting various file formats like BMP, SVG, PNG, and more.

The Laser Falcon includes removable legs for accommodating taller objects and features an anti-tilt mechanism for safety, automatically shutting off if knocked out of level.

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