Creality UW-02 Wash and Cure Station

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The Creality UW-02 Wash and Cure Station has a 1.65 litre tank, which is ideal for cleaning large parts. For the washing process, the finished work piece is placed in the washing container filled with a cleaning agent, such as isopropyl alcohol (IPA), and the process begins. In addition, the height of the tank is adjustable, so it is not necessary to fill it completely.

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Creality UW-02: Large-Scale 3D Print Washing and Curing Machine

Efficient Washing and Curing

The Creality UW-02 streamlines the post-processing of resin-printed parts. With a 1.65-liter tank, it is ideal for cleaning large parts. To start the washing process, place the finished workpiece in the container filled with a cleaning agent like isopropyl alcohol (IPA). You can adjust the tank height, so it’s not necessary to fill it completely. After cleaning, securely close and store the container for future use.

Advanced UV Curing

Numerous 385nm and 405nm UV lamps cure your 3D printed parts quickly and thoroughly. The 360° UV curing system features a rotating “mirror” platform that controls light, speed, and time precisely, ensuring uniform curing from all angles.

User-Friendly and Safe Operation

The Creality UW-02 offers ease of use and safety. Its intuitive interface includes automated and manual modes, making it accessible for all users. The UV filter cover protects against light damage, and a safety feature turns off the UV lamps when the cover is removed.

Large Capacity for Big Projects

The UW-02 handles larger scale models with its 10.1-inch area for washing and curing. Integrated automatic washing mode and precise curing mode ensure thorough cleaning and accurate curing, saving you time and effort.

Comprehensive 360° Curing

The 360° reflection curing rotating platform, equipped with dual-band LED beads (385nm and 405nm), ensures all-round curing without dead zones. The upgraded lens UV lamp beads make the UV light source uniform and concentrated, resulting in complete and consistent model curing.

Versatile Cleaning Methods

The UW-02 supports washing basket and platform hanging cleaning. Its customized large metal fan blade and super large vortex high-speed cleaning function remove excess resin from the model effectively.

Key Features
  • Large Model Cleaning/Curing: Perfect for larger scale models with a 10.1-inch large size.
  • 360° All-Around Curing: Thorough curing from all angles with dual-band LED beads.
  • Interactive Interface: User-friendly with automated and manual modes.
  • Speed/Time Settings: Precise control over the washing and curing processes.
Product Parameters
  • Machine Size: 325mm x 295mm x 485mm
  • Tank Capacity: 1.65 liters
  • UV Lamp Wavelengths: 385nm and 405nm
  • Curing Platform: 360° rotating platform with mirror reflection
  • Cleaning Methods: Washing basket and platform hanging cleaning

The Creality UW-02 is a powerful and versatile washing and curing machine. It is perfect for automating the post-processing of resin-printed parts. Its large capacity, advanced UV curing system, and user-friendly interface make it an indispensable tool for achieving professional-quality results with every print.

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