Creality UW-01 Wash and Cure Station

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The Creality UW-01 Wash and Cure Station adopts a special control system, which support one step to finish the model post process. The curing size can reach ?165 x 200 mm, and the mirror surface treatment of the turntable makes the model better.

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Creality Wash and Cure UW-01: All-in-One Washing and Curing Machine

Streamlined Post-Processing

The Creality UW-01 simplifies the post-processing of resin prints with its special control system, enabling a one-step finishing process. The curing size can reach 165x200mm, and the mirror surface treatment of the turntable enhances the model’s appearance.

Efficient UV Curing

Equipped with double-row UV lamp beads and a 360° rotating platform, the UW-01 ensures quick and even curing. The machine features 18 built-in UV LED lights, making it compatible with most resin printers. The double-row 9-bead design offers a larger irradiated area, ensuring thorough curing for larger models.

Large Washing Container

The UW-01 boasts a 190x154x200mm washing container, accommodating larger models for cleaning. Its sealed container and lid prevent cleaning solution volatilization and allow for repeated use of the solution.

Adjustable Speed and Timing

With three-speed modes and optional washing and curing times ranging from 2 to 90 minutes, the UW-01 provides flexibility and precision. The delicate models produced are a result of the precise washing and curing processes.

User-Friendly Design

Featuring an LED HD touch button, the UW-01 offers a premium user experience. The touch-sensitive buttons and large LED screen make operation intuitive. The machine also includes a safety feature that suspends curing when the cover is removed, reducing light pollution and glare.

Multiple Functions

The UW-01 supports both washing and curing functions, streamlining the post-processing of resin prints.

Self-Adjustable Bracket

The UW-01’s self-adjustable bracket is compatible with most resin printing platforms. It is flexible in the z-axis, ensuring a proper fit for models with varying water levels.

Product Specifications
  • Curing Size: 165x200mm
  • Washing Container Size: 190x154x200mm
  • UV Lamp Beads: 18 pieces
  • Speed Modes: Three-gear speed mode
  • Optional Timing: 2-90 minutes
  • Functions: Washing and Curing
  • Bracket: Self-adjustable for z-axis flexibility

The Creality Wash and Cure UW-01 offers a comprehensive solution for post-processing resin prints. With its efficient washing and curing capabilities, user-friendly design, and compatibility with a wide range of models, it is an essential tool for achieving high-quality results.




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