Specialised custom projects

Custom projects

We specialise in custom projects. Movie props, custom museum pieces, artwork, special designs and concepts.

Why are we a resellers and distributors of 3D printers but also do specialised work? It is important for us to showcase what is possible with 3D printing technologies and lead the industry by example. 

However, we prefer to do things with a twist and special touch.

Over the years have we build up a unique set of skills which enable us to do extraordinary things.

Previous projects

Scale 1:1 bust – scan of person – 3D printed – and finished with special techniques. We made use of rustic and cement elements which personifies this person’s career and company as a civil engineer and CEO. This was a gift from his staff which is a great initiative, and also a good example on how 3D printing can create special custom work. This project was a lot of fun and was completed in 10 days.

Life sized dinosaur: 2,3 meter x 7 meters in length

Our latest project: Recreate this dinosaur in to a real life museum piece for an institution in South Africa. The design was digitally done to scale and specification. We have 3D printed the model in a scale 1:10, which served as an example and physical reference point on the process forward.

3D Unique special projects

Digital 3D design of dinosaur. Soon to be made life sized.

The design was done on free-form digital 3D software. The design was done according to exact specifications from our client. Once design was completed, have 3D printed the model on a scale of 1:10.

The 3D model enabled us to make changes on the design. It just shows you how practical 3D printing is in situations like this. Our clients had made certain adjustments based on the 3D printed model. It was small adjustments, which was difficult to spot on digital model.

Original master is almost ready. Next phase will involve moulding and casting in fiberglass resin.

Beautiful textures that will be looking great in final casted model.

This animal is huge! The arms will be attached to the body during the moulding process.

Very difficult mould to make, this is due to the organic shape of the dinosaur. Everything is coming together beautiful.

Stay with us for updates to follow in this project.

We expect to complete this project over the next month to follow. Once casted in fiberglass, airbrushing and paintwork to follow.

South African Legends Museum Project

This is a very exciting project for us to be part of. The project involves, we are scanning 20 famous South African actors. The 3D data will be converted and 3D printed.

The 3D printed models will be converted in to busts. Once done, a bronzing post process will take place as the last step to complete these busts as real museum pieces.

Not only will the busts be showcased at the museum, the digital scan data of these actors/singers and actresses will be preserved in a digital library.

The first South African actor to be 3D scanned for our next project.

We do not get a lot of time to “play”

It is important for us to stay ahead with what we do. However, we do take the time to try out new methods and experiment with new ideas and mediums.

More updates to follow –