3D Printing services and specialised work

3D Printing services and specialised work

Take 3D printing to the next level. We specialise in custom projects. 3D printing is part of our processes, but we prefer to do things with a twist and special touch.

Scale 1:1 bust – scan of person – 3D printed – and finished with special techniques. We made use of rustic and cement elements which personifies this person’s career and company as a civil engineer and CEO. This was a gift from his staff which is a great initiative, and also a good example on how 3D printing can create special custom work. This project was a lot of fun and was completed in 10 days.


Semi – realistic finishes

We experiment with a variety of techniques that sometimes includes airbrushing and high- definition paint finishes.




Creating life sized dinosaur: 2 meter tall x 6 meter in length

Our latest project: Recreate this dinosaur in to a real life museum piece for WITS University.

This project is only the second piece of this particular specie ever created in the world.

The design was digitally done to scale and specification. We have 3D printed the model in a scale 1:10, which served as an example and physical reference point on the process forward.

Estimated project 8 months to completion.



Some sneak images of still a very rough finish – we have also completed the rest of the body and tail in mean time. Our next phase will involve adding clay and wax to create all the fine detail. Thereafter the finished piece are going to be moulded and casted. We will post updates on our progress of this very exciting project!


More updates to follow –