Complete Solutions

3D Unique (Pty) Ltd. is a complete solutions company as far as sales, service and services go. We provide our clients with the best products, solutions and assistance in any way possible.

Complete list of our services:



3D Printers: We have the largest selection of 3D printers in South Africa, our range caters  from entry level to high end users. We also provide full back up services, technical assistance, training and spares for all our products.

3D Scanners: Our 3D scanner range consists from entry level scanners for hobby use, semi professional and professional 3D scanners.

3D Filament: We provide premium materials and filament to ensure that you stay on schedule with your projects.

Spares: All our products are backed up with a standard 1 year warranty, giving our clients peace of mind on their purchase. We also provide maintenance plan options on our range of 3D printers. We also stock spares to ensure that your 3D printing projects stay on schedule.

Other consumables: Your projects are also important to us that is why we also keep a range of consumables together with the best advise on any queries.

3D Scanning

In-house scanning: For smaller projects can your parts be delivered to our offices from where we will use the latest 3D scanning technologies to capture accurate data for your projects.

On Site 3D scanning: For big projects and large objects do we also offer on site scanning services. We also provide this service on a national basis.

Reverse Engineering

3D Scanning captures the dimensions and geometry of an object from whereby it will be converted to a digital format. The digital format may then be manipulated in almost any way should you require any changes to an existing part or object. We offer complete solutions regarding your reverse engineering requirements such as 3D scanning, designing and rapid prototyping.

3D Printing Services

3D Printing Services: We run an in house 3D printing facility with the capabilities to 3D print in various materials. There are also various different 3D printing technologies and processes that we can use to ensure top quality parts and prints.

Mini-production-runs: For low to medium volume units. We also advise our clients on the best solution for end use purposes.

Tradional Moulding

We also provide specialised moulding services and production runs for high volume manufacturing. Our moulding processes consists of silicone, fiberglass and carbon fiber materials. By using traditional moulding as part of our services we bridge the gap for our clients in between all the processes involved from start to end.


Large artwork pieces is also one of our proud specialties. We produce large scale artwork for museums, heritage sites, organisations and custom work for individuals and corporates.