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3D Print done of Ghost Rider on a desktop Creality CR10S PRO 3D Printer at out offices in Midrand. Creality 3D printers are the affordable solution for effective 3D printing results.

Creality CR10S Pro:

CR10S PRO is latest release from Creality and is all set to become as popular as its award winning front runners from previous and current models.

The latest upgrades to this model includes the following: Double gear extrusion system, automatic bed leveling, fast heating function, resume print function, high precision printing, full colour touchscreen, brand power supply, filament sensor and many more.

Ghost rider printed by 3D Unique
Ghost rider, 3D printed and finished.

Printed on Creality CR10S Pro
Ghost Rider from the side.
3D print by 3D Unique

More about the bigger brother of the Creality CR10S Pro meet the CR10S MAX:

Creality CR10 MAX larger printing size:450*450*470mm with Golden triangle for better stability, rapid heat-up of entire platform.100% real heating size, imported Capricorn teflon tube, double drive for rapid feeding,  double boost effect rail-type transmits.

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