Creality CR10-S – Purchase through authorised distributors only

Are you considering to purchase a Creality CR-10S? Please read the following important information first.

3D-Unique (Pty) Ltd is an official distributor of (Creality Co. China) in South Africa.

As an official distributor of this great product do we find it necessary to share this very important notice to all aspiring Creality owners.

Creality CR-10S is a very unique brand with capabilities far beyond any other product. For this very reason has many pop-up stores jumped to the opportunity to resell this brand. We do respect competition in the market place where everybody deserves the right to fair trading.

This is where we feel that it is necessary to coach our consumer – As we have the responsibility to protect our brand.

As an official distributor do we sell the Creality CR-10S brand with a 1 year warranty – as to a comparison 6 month warranty from pop-up stores.We also offer all the technical assistance, back up service and spares on our Creality range. As a distributor do we also invest in training our technical staff to provide the best service possible for our clients.  We have done a survey very recently and found the following; most pop-up stores refer clients with queries back to the manufacturer in China without any services or technical back up locally.

We also want to express that we only maintain warranties of Creality 3D printers that was purchased through us.








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