Custom Corporate 3D Printed Gifts – Idea’s to a next level


It is that time of the year where you have to decide what gift(s) you are going to give to your business partners and business associates.

How boring has corporate life become with the same old gifts year in and year out!

Luckily not anymore with 3D Unique!


Now you can decide on custom products and designs, to create personalised and branded, once off gifts. 3D Printed, 3D Scanned, moulded or casted, just the way you want it!

Think out of the box and we make it happen!


We can even go as far to cast your ideas in gold, silver or platinum as special unique pieces for a special business associate.

We also design your idea and bring it to life with our special equipment and processes.



No more excuses for boring corporate gifts. Now you can customise your own special idea!


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